Arctic Science Summit Week 2021 is swiftly approaching. This is a reminder that IASC is now receiving proposals for consideration for IASC funding in 2021.
Proposals can be limited to one Working Group, relevant to all five, or anything in between. (Note: Working Groups must allocate at least 40% of their budget in cooperation with other Working Groups.) All proposals will be fully discussed and considered at the Working Group meetings at ASSW.
Please submit your proposal via this online form:">

If you have problems accessing or submitting this form, please contact so we can send you a Word version. 
Please note that while proposals do NOT have to be submitted by WG members, all proposals should be discussed with WG leadership/membership before submission. Cross-cutting proposals should engage all relevant collaborators early in the development phase. When you prepare your proposals, please consider how the activity relates to the Working Group scientific priorities and the IASC Strategic Plan. If you are thinking about a proposal, please be proactive in seeking consultation!
The deadline for proposal submissions is 22 February 2021.

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