IASC congratulates Dr. Josefine Lenz for her new position as APECS interim Director. Among her many achievements, Dr. Lenz was 2015 IASC Terrestrial Working Group Fellow. 

Here is her announcment reported by the APECS website

As of 1 Nov, Dr. Josefine Lenz is APECS’ new Executive Director. Josefine has been an APECS Project Officer and was involved in various APECS leadership roles during the last years. Her science background is in permafrost research. “It is an honor and at the same time quite a challenge to follow in Gerlis` footsteps, that`s for sure. But with another great leadership team just starting its term, we will certainly steer APECS through another exciting and fun year filled with enthusiasm for polar research.

Despite these difficult times we are researching and living in, APECS will continue to work on supporting the young polar community wherever possible and continue its efforts to bring the beauty of the poles closer to the people. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the APECS leadership and the polar community as a whole for supporting us in this mission. And I would like to thank my office mate Heike Midleja who is the true hero behind the APECS Office.” Josefine will lead the APECS Office at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Potsdam/Germany until January 2022 when the office will move to a new host.

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