The Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples' Secretariat has generously translated the report from IASC's Action Group on Indigenous Involvement (AGII) into Russian. This is an important contribution for the report to reach a wider audience, in particular among Russia's Indigenous population as well as researchers working in the Russian Arctic. The Russian report is available here, and the English AGII report is available here, as is a shorter presentation delivered to the IASC Council. These concrete recommendations to the IASC Council will help IASC achieve its goals.

The IASC Council would like to sincerely thank the Action Group, including Alona Yefimenko of the IPS, and all those that contributed to their discussions for their thorough, comprehensive, and deep work. The AGII report was greatfully received and approved by the IASC Council in March 2020. There are a wide range of recommendations, and these should be welcomed in the light of both the IASC Strategic Plan and ICARP-III Report.

IASC is proceeding with consideration and implementation of the AGII recommendations, and updates will be available via the IASC Indigenous Engagement webpage.

More information about IASC's work in the Russian Arctic is available via IASC's ISIRA (International Science Initiative in the Russian Arctic; Международная научная инициатива в Российской Арктике - ИСИРА). 

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