The Marine Working Group of the International Arctic Science Committee and the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS), have the pleasure of welcoming Enooyaq Sudlovenick and Sascha Schiøtt as new IASC Indigenous Fellows. Enooyaq's expertise is in Marine mammals; Pathology; and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and Sascha's expertise is in Arctic marine ecosystems; Foodwebs; and Glacial runoff.

The appointment of Indigenous Fellows comes at the recommendation of the Action Group on Indigenous Involvement. IASC has had Indigenous Fellows before, but this new recommendation (and budget line!) means that there will be at least one every year, as an additional sixth Fellow appointed each year. They will be able to choose whichever IASC Working Group is most of interest and relevance to them - and this year, both Fellows just so happen to fall within the Marine Working Group.

It should be emphasized that Enooyaq and Sascha were selected in the same process as all IASC Fellows, from a competitive pool of applicants, and will fully particiapte in the IASC Working Groups as Fellows.

APECS very kindly coordinated the application and review process; recommendations from APECS based on the review process were delivered for final selection to IASC.

The IASC Fellowships provide the opportunity for early career scientists to become involved in leading-edge scientific activities at a circumarctic and international level, to build an international network, and also to develop management skills.

More information about the IASC Fellowship Program can be found here.


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