International science is so filled with acronyms that it can be hard to keep track of them all. CliC is the Climate and Cryosphere initiative. Sponsored by a whole host of other acronyms, CliC exists to serve as the focal point for climate science related to the cryosphere, its variability and change, and interaction with the broader climate system. Unique activities supported by CliC are things like a wide range of important model intercomparison experiments. Joint activities supported by CliC and IASC include ISMASS (Ice Sheet Mass Balance and Sea Level), BEPSII (Biogechemical Exchanges at Sea Ice Interfaces), joint cryospheric special sessions, and much more.

The CliC Scientific Steering Group met last week for updates on CliC activities, briefing from CliC partners, and discuss the future of CliC. IASC attended this meeting to facilitate continued partnership between the organizations and to explore areas for further coordination and cooperation. Concrete suggestions included:

  • Continued and expanded co-sponsorship of Arctic cryospheric activities
  • Increased communication between IASC’s Marine Working Group and CliC’s Northern Oceans Regional Panel, which will both be meeting at ASSW 2020 in Akureyri (
  • Identification of liaisons between IASC’s Cryosphere Working Group and other cryospheric partners like CliC
  • More resources explaining what all these acronyms are and what they do!

IASC welcomes further ideas for cooperation and coordination between IASC and CliC; please feel free to contact both of the Secretariats and leadership.

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