TMOSAICDuring the ASSW2019 a T-MOSAiC workshop took place in Arkhangelsk, Russia. The highlights of the workshop were the discussions of the T-MOSAiC implementation plan particularly the creation and definition of Action Groups that will address the scientific objectives of the Science Plan during the implementation phase of 2019-2020.

Presentations were made by Arctic researchers (including early career researchers) that included topics such as Arctic dust, forest fires and several subjects related to the Indigenous populations of the North. A joint meeting with RATIC culminated in the reation of the Arctic Infrastructure Action Group whereby RATIC activities will now contribute to T-MOSAiC. The presentations were followed by discussions among all participants that enriched the science objectives of T-MOSAiC and the aim to achieve to a better understanding the fast-changing Arctic.

More information is available on the T-MOSAiC website and in a summary article about the Arkhangelsk workshop. 

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