The IASC secretariat congratulates Dr. Ho II Yoon for his second term appointment as President of the Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI). KOPRI, which is member organization at the IASC Council, released the following announcement: 

Dr. Ho Il Yoon has been appointed for a second three-year term as the President of the Korea Polar Research Institute.

Dr. Yoon has been a member of the Korea Polar Research Program since 1998. A paleoceanographer by training, the start of his career took place almost coinciding with the genesis of the Korean Polar Program. Since then, he had undertaken and led numerous scientific expeditions to the polar regions, working in collaboration with many international partners. On top of being an author to many significant researches in his field, he also had a chance to gain leadership experience as a leader of Antarctic winter party.

Serving as the president of KOPRI since 2016, Dr. Yoon has worked tirelessly since his initial appointment to promote Korean Polar Research in the global arena.

With his expertise and insights as well as his renewed commitment and devotion, Dr. Yoon plans to build upon KOPRI’s strengths and lead significant initiatives to closely work with international partners and enhance KOPRI’s research output.



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