T MosaicThe main goals of the T-MOSAiC Implementation workshop were to develop the Science and Implementation plans as well as to establish the scientific connections between the MOSAiC and T-MOSAiC programs. During the science discussion aspects of the Arctic snow, permafrost and freshwater systems were presented, and the presenters and the audience highlighted the importance of these topics to the program. In the implementation discussions, existing arctic facilities, projects, programs, and transects were identified that could contribute to T-MOSAiC.

A key goal of the workshop was to define the scientific links between the MOSAiC and T-MOSAiC programs. The participation of the chairs of the MOSAiC program, Dr. Markus Rex and Dr. Matthew Shupe resulted in a detailed discussion about the atmosphere-sea-ice-land-people interactions and how both programs will contribute to improved knowledge of the changing Arctic. These joint discussions culminated in the conceptual diagram above that shows the complementarity and points of intersection between the two programs.

Contacts: João Canário, Warwick F. Vincent
Working Groups: AWG, CWG, MWG, SHWG, TWG

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