POLAR2018 is just two weeks away!

POLAR2018 will start on June 15th with the ASSW / IASC Business Meetings, including the IASC Working Groups (16 June), IASC Council (17 June), and ISIRA (18 June) meetings and many more. Most of these meetings are open to public (check here for time and locations) and POLAR2018 attendees are welcome to observe the work and actively take part in the discussions.

IASC strongly encourages Arctic scientists to attend the annual IASC Working Groups meetings. Interested scientists can actively take part the identifying scientific priorities, discussing major challenges, and proposing future Working Group activities.

Working Groups can co-fund activities (like workshops, seminars, or conferences) that are particularly relevant for achieving their research priorities, promote Arctic scientific cooperation, and foster a greater scientific understanding of the Arctic region and its role in the Earth system. You do NOT have to be a working group member to get Working Group funding!
At the conclusion of the business meetings, on the June 18th, there will be an open networking event, “Celebrate the Arctic”, hosted by IASC, ARCUS and other Arctic partners. You are welcome to join! Check the ARCUS website in the next few days for more information (exact time and location).

Last, but not the least, we are still looking for poster judges during the Open Science Conference - especially for Tuesday 19 of June and Thursday 21 of June. Click here if you can help.

For all information regarding registration, accommodation, programs, side events and more, check the POLAR2018 website.

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