Skálanes is a nature and heritage research centre situated within a 1250 hectare independent nature reserve. Located in an old farmhouse that sits at the mouth of Seyðisfjörður on the East Coast of Iceland. The surroundings are ideal for exploring the wild life and local bird colonies such as arctic terns, eiders and puffins, as well as the Icelandic flora and fauna, the mountains, waterfalls, sea cliffs, beaches and the rich cultural history of Iceland. Skálanes recently convened their first science symposium, which was attended by IASC.

The intention of the seminar was to gather collaborators, partners, and a wider network to present past work and future projects at Skálanes. The seminar program featured local experts (e.g. reindeer monitoring and management from East Iceland Nature Research Centre, energy development Austurbrú), experts from other parts of Iceland (e.g. dust sources, sinks, and impacts from the Agricultural University of Iceland and international research facilitation from IASC), and international researchers and educators (e.g. education and research programs from Vassar College, Liverpool John Moores University, and Earlham College).

The IASC Secretariat is hosted in Iceland by Rannís, the Icelandic Center for Research, who hope that by hosting IASC, connections between the Icelandic and international Arctic research communities will be enhanced. One tangible way to work towards this goal is through research stations and research collaborations in Iceland. IASC’s presence at the Skálanes Symposium resulted in higher awareness of IASC, as well as our role and opportunities we offer domestically and internationally. In addition, IASC was able to suggest additional connections between the research happening at / planned for Skálanes and other IASC representatives, projects, and partners.

For more information about Skálanes, check out their website or email them.

Thank you to Ólafur Örn Pétursson (Director of Skálanes) and Nanna Juelsbo (Skálanes Project Leader) for inviting IASC to the Skálanes Symposium.

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