toptotopPachamama is a 15m sailing vessel, which has been travelling around the world for 17 years. The vessel serves as the home of the TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition. The expedition is keen to aid scientific research however possible and has helped in a number of projects and studies. (Pachamama is currently in Akureyri, Iceland – home of the IASC Secretariat!)

The TOPtoTOP team is keen to host scientists and instruments conducting studies and collecting data on marine topics, for which the vessel could be a good platform for data collection. The vessel accesses even very remote places and frequently travels between the Arctic and the Equator, though the focus currently is on the Arctic.

Previously, data has been collected for the Adventure Scientist’s microplastics study, humpback whale surveys in the Prince William Sounds, Alaska, as well as marine debris and cesium abundance in the North Pacific for the International Pacific Research Centre (IPRC).

Travel plans can be adapted to proposed projects. One option for summer 2018 is to travel to East Greenland and then through either the Northeast or Northwest Passage.

With any projects, ideas or inquiries, please contact:

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