KOPRI is pleased to announce that it is now accepting Second Round of applicants for the 2017 Asian Polar Science Fellowship (Field Research) Program.

The fellowship program is designed to promote Asian research collaboration in an attempt to provide future generation polar researchers with networking opportunities. It also encourages both early-career and already established polar scientists to actively engage in polar research, and provides them with the opportunity to utilize KOPRI’s expanding infrastructure and capacity.

The Asian Polar Science Fellowship Program consists of two programs: the Institute Visiting Program and the Field Research Program. The Call for Second Round of applicants is open for those who wish to participate in the 2017 Field Research Program. Those who wish to participate in theInstitute Visiting Program are encouraged to apply for the 2018 Fellowship scheme early next year.

- Institute Visiting Program offers office space and/or laboratory support within the KOPRI facilities.
- Field Research Program offers logistics support for conducting field research using KOPRI facilities,i.e. Antarctic Research Stations and Research Vessel Araon.

Those who wish to apply to the Fellowship Program are highly encouraged to contact KOPRI scientists and discuss their research proposal before they submit their application. KOPRI’s International Cooperation Team is willing to assist in this process. The commencement dates for the fellowship awardees are to be adjusted with the cooperating KOPRI scientists, and the details should be forwarded to the International Cooperation Team for traveling and accommodation arrangements.

For further details of the program, please visit KOPRI website

For any query or submission of the application, please contact fellowship@kopri.re.kr cc: cjung@kopri.re.kr

Application deadline: July 31st, 2017


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