assw2017 registrationRegistration has now opened for the 2017 Arctic Science Summit Week. The upcoming ASSW is hosted by the Czech Republic in Prague on 31 March -7 April 2017 and includes a Science Symposium. The Science Symposium, entitled „A Dynamic Arctic in Global Change“,  will be on 4-7 April 2017 and address the three sub-themes: (a) Changes in the Arctic; (b) Global Implications of Arctic Changes; and (c) Impacts of Global Change on the Arctic.

All interested researchers, policiy makers, educators, artists, and others who would like to contribute to the sessions and discussions, are invited to submit their abstracts and/or register for this event of knowledge exchance. You can find an overview of all the session and guidelines for abstract submission on the conference website:

2nd circular ASSW 2017

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