The International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP) is an international Arctic science planning process and conference convened periodically by IASC in cooperation with its partners. The IASC Founding Articles’ call for IASC to host such a conference periodically in order to “review the status of Arctic science, provide scientific and technical advice, and promote cooperation and links with other national and international organizations.” Since then, it has been the role of IASC to coordinate this important meeting every decade to identify key scientific questions and issues.

The planning for ICARP IV is underway and IASC, together with the ICARP IV hosts, have commissioned an initial assessment on the impact and outcomes of the past three ICARP meetings in 1995, 2005 and 2015 to be presented at the Arctic Science Summit Week in Edinburgh, Scotland in March 2024.

To help ensure this assessment includes as much information as possible, we are asking for the IASC Community, and the Arctic community at large, to assistance in gathering documents, references, and anecdotes to be used in examining the impact of ICARP. We also are asking IASC Council members, current and past, as well as national agencies and organizational partners to send any relevant strategic documents (past or present), research plans. Please send the information to our consultant, Jenny Baeseman ( as soon as possible so the analysis of impact on national funding and research priorities can begin. We realize not all countries have these full documents in English, but if there is an English summary, please send those documents as well. 

We are asking all who have participated in a past ICARP conference to fill in this short survey and share your thoughts on the process, new collaborations you may have formed as a result and suggestions for the future. Deadline to complete the survey is February 9.

We know there were many papers published based on ICARP priorities and resulting from various ICARP activities over the past decades, but it’s a difficult task to try to pull these all together in this short timeframe, so we are asking anyone who has published papers, books, etc. as a result of ICARP to please send that information as well (or you can enter the information into the survey form noted above). 

As part of this initial assessment, we also hope to interview people who were deeply involved in any of the previous ICARPs. If you would be interested in participating in a ~30-minute online interview, please let Jenny know or indicate your interest in the survey indicated above.

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation. We hope the results of this initial assessment will help in the planning and increase the impact of ICARP IV and other IASC activities moving forward.

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