The Justice in and for the Arctic working group met twice, first conjunction with the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reyjkavik, Iceland in October 2022 and second in Vienna, Austria during the Arctic Sciences Summit Week in February 2023. The purpose of the workshops was to formalise and expand a growing research network and to develop the terms of reference for a working group and setting the agenda for justice research in and for the Arctic. 

The purpose of the Justice in the Arctic Working Group (JAWG) is to promote research in and on the Arctic using theories of justice and to collaborate on research activities (i.e. publications, research proposals) related to the Arctic Justice agenda. In particular, the group will work towards framing a critical research agenda for justice in and for the Arctic.

Rules of participation:
1) Membership of the group is open to all IASSA members and where possible, all participants should also be members of IASSA.
2) Members should commit to regular participation in working group events and collaboration
3) Members should commit to disseminating and promoting the work and outcomes of the group and its members' work related to justice in and for the Arctic through available communication channels (i.e. social media or institutional profiles)
4) Members should commit to respectful dialogue and relationships in group interactions and encourage a growth mindset.
5) Members should seek to support junior colleagues when in their capacity to do so.

Proposed Goals of the Working Group: 
1) To outline an agenda for Justice in and for the Arctic.
2) To contribute to social science research on the Arctic using theories of justice through scholarly publications.
3) To expand the Zotero-based JUSTNORTH Justice Database (
4) To promote the significance of justice in political decision-making and economic development of the Arctic.
5) To share the work and aims of the group through conference panels, media engagements and other science communication opportunities.

Full Terms of Reeference can be found here. 

Researchers wishing to join the group should send an inquiry via our website at

Date and Location: 

Reykjavik, 17 October 2022 

IASC Working Group / Committees funding the Project:

Project Lead

Corine Wood-Donnelly

Year funded by IASC



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