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The goal of the fourth International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP IV) engagement process is to ensure that the scientific priorities for the next decade are firmly grounded on the advice and needs of Arctic scientists and science organizations, Indigenous peoples and Arctic residents, stakeholders, and rights-holders. This survey has been designed to be inclusive of diverse perspectives. It is one component of the ICARP IV community engagement process.

The purpose of the ICARP IV Survey is to gather input on research priorities for the next decade (2025–2035). This includes collecting information on implementation: for example, the best research practices to date, key lessons learned in the last decade, and strategies for improvement.

Please take this survey and feel free to distribute it among your network. 
Link: https://icarp.iasc.info/engagement/icarp-iv-survey

You can further  contribute to the ICARP IV process by submitting any website links, articles, reports, results from your recent projects, or other relevant resources that could inform the ICARP IV process and assist the ICARP IV Research Priority Teams in their work. More info here. 

To learn more on the ICARP IV Process, please click here.

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