The Herbivory Network ( is an international network of researchers interested in understanding the role of herbivores in Arctic and alpine ecosystems. Herbivory is a key ecological process that influences the functioning of arctic ecosystems and their responses to climate change. Herbivores are also extremely important for the livelihoods of many northern communities. We are planning a 4-day Herbivory Network meeting in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada, 13-16 June 2023, to advance ongoing projects and start new collaborations that will contribute to a better understanding of the effects of herbivores on arctic ecosystems. The meeting will include short field visits and workshops with local communities. The meeting will be hosted at the Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS), a rapidly developing research institution focusing on improving knowledge of dynamic northern terrestrial ecosystems in the context of rapid change. The meeting will host a relatively small group of researchers with the aim of focusing on hands-on work, and smaller meeting sizes are more effective for that purpose. Additional funding to support some of the workshops has been secured through UArctic and Memorial University, and additional funds are being sought from other sources.  In-kind support is being provided by Polar Knowledge Canada

13 June 2023 - 16 June 2023

Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada
IASC Working Group / Committees funding the Project:

Project Lead

Isabel C Barrio (Agricultural University of IcelandIceland)

Year funded by IASC


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