The Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) 2024 during the ASSW 2024 is inviting Early Career Co-Chairs (ECCs) to engage in the upcoming AOS that will be held from the 27th - 29th March in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

The Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) is a biennial summit that aims to provide guidance based on the best available knowledge for the design, implementation, coordination and sustained long-term operation of an international network of Arctic observing systems. 

The role of an ECC at the AOS 2024 is to contribute to the planning of the summit, help record and distill the conversations happening in the working groups sessions at the summit, and contribute to the working group reports and final products. There will be one ECC per Working Group. The aim is for meaningful engagement in the work of the Working Groups, supporting the Working Groups in planning and drafting deliverables, and including a different perspective in setting the agenda. 

Roles of ECCs

Before the summit:

  • Read the Working Group papers/submissions. This will be coordinated with the other working group chairs, as the white papers/short statements will be considered in setting the agenda for the breakout sessions. 
  • There may be additional relevant papers or reports relevant to the activities of your Working Group. 
  • Join all Working Group calls and online meetings before the AOS
  • Again, these will be coordinated with the other co-chairs
  • Participate in email discussions before the AOS
  • Much of the planning for the summit occurs asynchronously. 
  • Help suggest speakers, panelists, etc. as appropriate for the Working Group

During the summit:

  • Attend the full Arctic Observing Summit, either in person or remotely. 
  • During the breakout sessions, take notes on the discussions. Hybrid and online sessions will be recorded to help capture all of the conversation. 
  • You will be helping distill the conversation into main points during the summit (for reporting out to the plenary) and after the summit (for meeting statements and reports). 
  • Before and after the breakout sessions, check in with the other working group chairs
  • Help draft the slides and summary paragraphs to report back to the plenary session on the work of your working group.

After the event:

  • ECCs help in co-authoring the final meeting report and individual working group reports. 
  • Follow up with the other co-chairs on any action items from the meeting.


Postdocs and PhD students with research interests in Arctic Observing are encouraged to apply to be an Early Career Co-chair. To apply for an Early Career Co-Chair position, please submit a CV and short cover letter with a one-paragraph description of why you are interested in a particular working group. You may apply to more than one working group: if so, include a paragraph for each. Working group descriptions will be made available following the event. 

Email your cover letter and CV by the 20th of May 2024.

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