Saxinger ASSW GiA Plakat 2023 A1 20230206 finThe IASC cross-cutting activity "Representations of Gender in Northern Arts and Sciences" is a set of events that will take place during the Arctic Science Summit Week 2023 in Vienna. It will highlight gender dynamics of living in the North and how the Arctic has been represented through diverse media and arts. We invite an audience from all disciplines of natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities – and of course everyone interested in enjoying, learning and discussing this not yet so prominent topic. 

The activities comprise a photo exhibition curated by “Women in Polar Science”, screenings of films by Indigenous women and film discussions in collaboration with “Ethnocineca”, and a two-days workshop in collaboration with “Arctic PASSION” including both artists and scientists showing and reflecting their work, exploring the significance of art in addressing questions of gender, queerness, sexuality and colonialism – and more.

      • Find the exhibition “People Doing Cool Stuff – Women in Polar Science” in the Foyer in the Main Building. The opening event will be on 21 February at 3:30 pm, during the coffee break. In cooperation with Women in Polar Science and Arctic PASSION., . Welcome by Renuka Badhe, Michael Karcher, Gerti Saxinger, Kata Kyrölä, Stephan Dudeck
      • The screenings of Sámi filmmaking will take place in the Main Building on 22 February 6:30 pm (Hörsaal 7), 23 February 6:30 pm (Hörsaal 7), and 24 February 2:00 pm (Hörsaal 42) followed by film discussions. In cooperation with Ethnocineca
      • The workshop “Representations of Gender in Northern Arts and Sciences” with artists, researchers, and activists will take place on 23 February from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Seminar Room 2) and on 24 February from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm (Seminar Room 1). In cooperation with Arctic PASSION
      • Social program on 25 February: join our guided tour through the Exhibition “Queer Art Spaces Vienna 2023” and meet the curators. 1:00 pm, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, WUK, Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Wien. You can visit the exhibition already on Friday 24 February for “The Art of Indoor Tuntathlon”, start 7:00 pm at Kunsthalle Exnergasse.

The IASC cross-cutting activity "Representations of Gender in Northern Arts and Sciences" is organised by the International Arctic Social Science Association (IASSA) Working Group Gender in the Arctic: Gertrude Saxinger, Kata Kyrölä, J. Otto Habeck, Stephan Dudeck and in cooperation with Women in Polar Science, Ethnocineca, Austrian Polar Research Institute APRI, Arctic PASSION and additional financial support of The Curtis & Edith Munson Foundation, The Ocean Foundation, and SCAR


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