Arctic Circle Business & Qeqqata Kommunia invites the Arctic research community to Kangerlussuaq Science Workshop on Tuesday the 25th of January 2022 at 11-13 Greenland time. 

The workshop will take place here: 

Kangerlussuaq Science Workshop is a new event planned to be held each year, so the Arctic science community can get new information about Kangerlussuaq and meet relevant local operators. Kangerlussuaq Science Workshop will have keynote addresses from the new Arctic Hub and Arctic DTU as well as short presentations from the facility and infrastructure operators in Kangerlussuaq. 

Kangerlussuaq is Greenland's main airport and entrance to the Ice Sheet, the largest land area in West Greenland, and the long Kangerlussuaq fiord. 

According to ‘Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research’ volume 50 “The ice-sheet margin in the Kangerlussuaq area is likely the most investigated glacial ecosystem worldwide” and “in many ways, the Kangerlussuaq area is a representative site for studying a continental Arctic landscape under transition”.

Download the program here.

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