The Arctic Initiative at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs is now accepting applications for its research fellowship in the areas of permafrost thaw, the Arctic Ocean and environment, resilience in the Far North, and Arctic governance, shipping, and security.

The deadline to submit is December 1, 2021.

The Arctic Initiative addresses the challenges and opportunities associated with the effects of climate change in the Arctic. A special focus is placed on exploring the adequacy of existing governmental and international policies, programs, laws, and regulations and considering how they can be improved to address the evolving challenges and opportunities in the Arctic.

For this upcoming fellowship, the Arctic Initiative will prioritize proposals that focus on:

  • Permafrost Thaw (policy implications of improved understanding of how pace of permafrost thaw and pace of global climate change interact; regional impacts of permafrost thaw under plausible scenarios; adaptation/resilience measures against regional impacts; communication of findings to key regional & global audiences);
  • The Arctic Ocean and Environment (climate change impacts; human health impacts; marine litter; ocean pollution; ocean acidification and biodiversity; natural resource management and efficient utilization of marine resources; international and scientific collaborations and challenges and opportunities for indigenous communities);
  • Resilience in the Far North (infrastructure; transportation; health; food security; community empowerment; governance; culture; connectivity; tourism; shipping; and renewable energy in remote communities – including environmental and economic impacts and exploring ways to increase the resilience of and sustainable development for local Arctic communities and the ecosystems upon which they depend); and
  • Arctic Governance, Shipping, and Security (Arctic collaboration; maritime navigation and new shipping routes; diplomacy and geopolitics; and risk management and disaster response).

Arctic residents and Indigenous candidates, including pre- and postdoctoral scholars and seasoned practitioners are encouraged to apply. 

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