The Mentorship Database, Mental Health, Art and T-MOSAiC vlogs Project Groups are looking for additional members in their groups! Are you interested in getting involved? See their project description and call for members below. Please note that all Project Groups are open for registrations but the groups below are seeking members in particular.

Please register here for APECS Project Groups. Registrations will be evaluated by Project Group Leaders and you will hear from the APECS Office as soon as possible after it the decision has been made.

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T-MOSAiC Vlogs Project Group

We, as T-MOSAiC Vlogs Project Group, are taking an inspiring journey to the North through exploring the Arctic environment, science, and its relevance, by sharing current research with the world! We are collecting video blogs about Arctic research to share on our channels (e.g. to foster an interest and deeper appreciation for northern environments and science. We are looking for motivated members to join our group and take part in this fun initiative! Be sure to select the T-MOSAiC Vlogs Project Group when you register hereProject Group lead: Sergio Raez Villanueva

Mentorship Database Project Group

In many steps through graduate school, post-doc positions, and deeper into early career life, we often find ourselves forming our own path without much guidance. The APECS mentorship database was built a couple years ago and has been largely unutilized. This project group aims to build up the mentorship database, including adding mentors and contact information, adding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion tags, and organizing the database. After these steps, this group will build a mentorship program, working on pairing interested APECS members with our willing mentors! We would love a few additional members to make this plan a reality! Please select the Mentorship Database Project Group when you register hereProject Group leads: Meghan Helmberger and Wasim Sajjad

Mental Health Project Group

Mental Health is an issue that affects all of us in some way or another (good mental health included), but poor mental health is widely documented to particularly impact early-career researchers. Polar researchers in particular are also faced with a unique set of challenges and potential stressors including remote, dangerous and/or lengthy field work, long lengths of days/nights, overwintering, isolation, lack of diversity and inclusion, and funding. The project group for Mental Health Resources aims to (1) raise awareness and (2) provide resources surrounding the theme of mental health. This is only the second term that the project group is active and it still comprises a small number of people to tackle such an important topic. If you are interested in joining this working group, help provide resources and raise awareness on mental health issues (webinars, digital art exhibition etc.), please sign up for this project group. Everybody is welcome, regardless of their experiences with mental health related issues. We are looking forward to welcoming you into our team.
Project Group leads: Lina Madaj and Fizza Maryam


During the current APECS term 2021/22, the APECS Art group is looking for ways to raise the profile of interesting collaborative projects in order to inspire and unite the community. Our aim is to foster connections between polar early career scientists and polar artists, and to increase the visibility of polar regions via polar art and promote art-science projects. We are building a polar-interest-artist database and encourage collaborations between artists and scientists. We believe that international, cross-cultural bridges are the way to visualize global processes, independently of age, nationality, geographical position. Art so far is an underestimated tool for the unity of Polar research. To follow our ambitious aims for the current APECS term, we are looking for additional members. The main expected qualification from applicants is to have a proven track of being fond of Polar related art whereby the meaning of Polar and Art are spread widely: covering a massive part of the globe geographically and everything from historical heritage to modern digital art. We welcome applicants who would like to collaborate the full term up to October 2022 or be active during important milestones or specific group activities, such as a blog for example. Let’s make Cold be Cool again! Please select the APECS Art Project Group when you register here
Project Group leads: Kirsi Keskitalo and Anastasia Deyko

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