APECS is very pleased to announce our APECS International Mentorship Award 2023 recipient – Dr. David K. A. Barnes!

Dr. David Barnes was nominated by Nadescha Zwerschke (Greenland Institute of Natural Resources) supported by Dr. Terri Souster (UiT The Arctic University of Norway) and Saz Reed (SSEN Transmission, Scotland) on behalf of Dr. Barnes’ wider mentees. They highlighted his role as a mentor and the profound impact he has had on their careers and that of others  of emerging Polar researchers.

He has not only been a great mentor to early career undergraduates, Masters and PhD students across many countries but also a strong colleague and friend. In his nomination, both Nadescha and Terri highlighted that “David is one of the rare academics who are leading in their field yet are not afraid to share the limelight with the future generation” and “I have never seen David treat an early career researcher as anybody else but his equal and I truly believe he is more excited by the success of his PhD students and people he supervised or line managed than by his own.”

Dr. Barnes works at British Antarctic Survey and is a visiting lecturer of Cambridge University. He was just heading off to Rothera Research Station on the west Antarctic Peninsula (to work with early career researchers Ryan Mathews and Alice Clement among others) at the time of receiving the award and said “What fantastic and humbling award, thank you so much to the very generous thoughts of APECS colleagues that nominated and supported this award. I hope I can live up to it in the coming years. Thank you again and I am honoured to work with you all.’.

Source: APECS

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