This webinar mini series has been initiated by the SIOS remote sensing service in spring 2020 as a response to the new challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in order to give the SIOS community an anchor point to a drifting world! The webinars were well received and by now webinars are taking place approximately every month.

Every webinar is dedicated to a specific theme within Earth system science. Usually, 3-6 speakers are invited, leaving room for discussion and creating a social experience within the research community.

Upcoming webinars in the series are: 

Webinar #17: 12 May 2023, 10-11 CEST - Citizen science in Svalbard

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10:00-10:05: Shridhar Jawak (SIOS-KC), Introdcution to webinar and updates from SIOS KC

10:05- 10:20: Nuria Castell (NILU, Norway): Can Citizen Science go beyond awareness raising and contribute to environmental monitoring?

10:20- 10:35: Peter Fretwell (BAS, U.K): Walruses from Space

10:35- 10:50: René van der Wal (SLU, Sweden): How to get citizen science right?

10:50-11:00: Q/A and discussion

Webinar #18: 26 May 2023, 10-11 CEST - Ground motion service for Svalbard (InSAR Svalbard)

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Speakers: To be updated

All times are in Norwegian time.

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