The European Polar Board has released a report: Synthesis Report on the Environmental Impacts of Polar Research and Logistics in the Polar Regions. The report was drafted by members of the EPB’s Action Group on Environmental Impacts of Polar Research and Logistics. The report details the potential environmental impacts of polar research and offers many best practices on how to minimise potential impacts. It also considers legal frameworks that apply to the polar regions and includes a catalogue of already-existing guidelines on how to minimise environmental impacts in the polar regions. The unique aspect of this report is its synthesis of both the Arctic and Antarctic regions, concerning minimising environmental impacts of polar research.

Many thanks to P Elshout, J Chappellaz, T Gibéryen, C Hansen, J Jania, K Jones-Williams, J Nolan, B Reverdy, E Topp-Jørgensen, A Yılmaz, R Badhe and other contributors to this report! 

The report is publically available here.

The report is also available on the Zenodo website:

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