The Center of Remote Sensing & GIS at Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) in South Korea is looking for applicants for a postdoctoral researcher broadly interested in satellite remote sensing, airborne or unmanned aerial remote sensing, ocean remote sensing, sea ice/glacier/ice shelf/ice sheet remote sensing, etc.

Major tasks:

  1. Observe the cryosphere using various remote sensing platforms such as optical satellite, SAR, passive microwave, laser/radar altimeter with python, GEE, and/or machine learning.
  2. Process and analyze the spatio-temporal variations in the Cryosphere
  3. Pursue science questions of your interest by collaborating with the team members and/or other divisions. This is very flexible depending on interests of the candidate.

Position Details:

  • This position can be funded up to three (3) years with health insurance covered as a benefit.
  • Starting date is flexible.
  • Salary is set based on the KOPRI payment standards; severance pay available (if employed for one year or longer).
  • Dormitory is available.

Required Experiences:

  1. PhD (or prospective PhD within three months) in one of the following fields: remote sensing, computer science, earth science, engineering, GIS, or related fields.
  2. Publication of at least one (1) SCIE journal as the first author within the past three (3) years.
  3. Preferred with machine learning, Google Earth Engine, Sentinel series, open source coding ability, Earth, ocean, or environmental science-related background, and programming skills.
  4. Expertise needed to process data from satellite or UAV.

To apply:

Please email with the required documents attachments below:

  1. Application Form
  2. Fair Employment Confirmation Form
  3. Job (Research) Plan
  4. Cover Letter
  5. Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information
  6. A digital copy of one doctorate thesis (attach via email)
  7. A digital copy of published (approved) paper on SCIE journal

More info:

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