The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation was established in June 2006 to protect the environment and promote sustainable development at local and global level. Since then, active all over the world, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has sought to bring together scientists, political leaders and economic and civil society stakeholders to protect the environment and promote sustainable development. Active at all levels, the Foundation focuses its actions on three main areas: limiting the effects of climate change and promoting renewable energies, preserving biodiversity, and managing water resources and combating desertification.

The Foundation works in three main geographical areas: the Mediterranean Basin, the Polar Regions and the Least Developed Countries. The Foundation’s long-term action has led to some encouraging successes, safeguarding endangered species, improving living conditions in rural communities or implementing new sustainable and ethical solutions for the protection of the environment. To carry out its mission, the Foundation relies on three instruments: a regular call for projects open to all stakeholders – projects are technically and scientifically screened and then presented to the Board for review and approval; a series of focused initiatives, co-designed and implemented in collaboration with relevant partners; and targeted and specific convening, campaign and policy actions to raise awareness, influence the global dialogue and facilitate partnerships.

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The Polar Initiative and the Nexus Initiative are two new initiatives endorsed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors in October 2021. On one hand, The Polar Initiative will take a leading role in some of the challenges related to the understanding and protection of polar ecosystems, with the objective to generate greater influence and impact to benefit the protection of the polar regions. The initiative is initially built as a 4-year programmatic effort (2022-2025) and targets areas of traditional interest to the Foundation and in line with its potential for influence and impact: science, policy, capacity building and conservation action. On the other hand, building upon the positioning of the Foundation on addressing both biodiversity loss and climate change as well as its credibility on Ocean issues, the Nexus Initiative will proactively engage in generating constructive knowledge and action in favor of coastal and marine nature-based solutions with a view to enhance resilience of coastal and marine ecosystems to benefit the wellbeing of communities and societies. The initiative will focus on 4 areas of work: enhancing visibility of coastal and marine resilience solutions ; campaigns and advocacy to spur policy change; advancing technical/scientific knowledge; and redirecting the global finance system towards resilience.

The Role

As a member of the Projects & Initiatives Team, working in close collaboration with the Initiatives Coordinator, you will be responsible for coordinating and supporting the implementation of the PolarInitiative and the Nexus initiative. 

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