IASC National Member Organizations

Canadian Polar Commission ww.polarcom.gc.ca
Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration www.chinare.gov.cn
Comité Polar Español www.micinn.es
Ministry for Higher Education and Science www.ufm.dk/en
Council of Finnish Academies www.academies.fi/en/
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft www.dfg.de
Institut Polaire Français www.institut-polaire.fr
Korea National Committee on Polar Research www.kopri.re.kr
National Research Council of Italy www.cnr.it
Natural Environment Research Council www.nerc.ac.uk
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO Science) www.nwo.nl
Polar Research Board www.dels.nas.edu/prb
Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee on Polar Research www.polish.polar.pan.pl
RANNÍS, The Icelandic Centre for Research www.rannis.is
Research Council of Norway www.forskningsradet.no
Russian Academy of Sciences www.ras.ru
Science Council of Japan, National Institute of Polar Research www.nipr.ac.jp
Swedish Research Council www.vr.se
Swiss Committee on Polar Research www.polar-research.ch


IASC Partner Organizations

Arctic Council www.arctic-council.org
Association of Polar Early Career Scientists www.apecs.is
European Polar Board http://www.europeanpolarboard.org/
Forum of Arctic Research Operators www.faro-arctic.org
International Arctic Social Sciences Association www.iassa.org
International Association of Cryospheric Sciences www.cryosphericsciences.org
International Council for Science www.icsu.org
International Network for Circumpolar Health Research www.inchr.com
International Permafrost Association www.ipa.arcticportal.org
Northern Research Forum www.nrf.is
Ny-Ålesund Science Managers Committee www.npolar.no/nysmac
Pacific Arctic Group www.pag.arcticportal.org
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research www.scar.org
University of the Arctic www.uarctic.org
World Climate Research Program www.wcrp-climate.org