Scientists and Educators Co-developing Education Outreach and Communication tools for The Polar Resource Book

IASC-Funded activity - Cross-Cutting
26 March 2022

Now almost a decade old, Polar Science and Global Change: An International Resource for Education and Outreach, known by its many users as The Polar Resource Book, is due for an update. The polar regions are changing rapidly, particularly the Arctic, and there have been many new developments in polar sciences, education and outreach since the book was originally published following IPY.
Polar Educators International, APECS, SCAR, and IASC are collaborating to produce the updated, open-access online resource with the same goals as the original, for a new cohort of polar scientists, educators, and learners.
PEI and the IASC Working Groups (WGs) will guide a diverse group of polar educators and early career polar scientists to co-develop education outreach activities and science communication skills linked to each of the five WG science focuses for PRB2, to engage a global audience with current Arctic research and the challenges that Arctic communities face.
New and updated tools and resources will be uploaded to the PEI PRB2 webpages for wider feedback, refined and presented at PEI 2022 Hofn, Iceland and ASSW2022.

The workshop is co-funded through the IASC cross-cutting funds with contributions from the IASC Atmosphere WG, Cryosphere WG, Marine WG, Social & Human WG, Terrestrial WG and International Science Initiative in the Russian Arctic (ISIRA)  




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  • 26 March 2022

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