Global ecological and economic connections in Arctic and sub-Arctic crab markets

IASC-Funded activity - Cross-Cutting
09 December 2021

The proposed activity engages an interdisciplinary group with contributions from the biological, ecological, economic and/or social components of Arctic and sub-Arctic crab research and promotes cooperation among relevant actors, to achieve greater understanding of the connections amongst these components and the changes they are undergoing.

The activity is conducted in two parts: first it gathers input via video contribution from researchers, managers, local and global stakeholders and rightsholders, and then it brings these contributors together to produce collaborative outputs for academic and broader distribution. Both parts of the activity result in direct outputs to both disciplinary and interdisciplinary research communities engaged in Arctic marine resource use and development. 

The conference is co-funded through the IASC cross-cutting funds with contributions from the IASC
Social and Human WG and ISIRA. 


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  • 09 December 2021

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