Sagavanirktok River Delta Pacific NW National Laboratory
Credit: Pacific NW National Laboratory


The organisers of the Second Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM2) established a Working Group to explore the possible call of a Forum of Arctic Science Funders in response to the following recommendation of the Joint Statement of Ministers, signed at the Second Arctic Science Ministerial:

The implementation of the new and enhanced collaborative activities described above should benefit from dedicated multi-lateral discussions to facilitate the cooperation between national and transnational science funding programmes. We therefore recommend exploring the possible call of a forum of Arctic science funders to discuss strategies for supporting the research that is necessary to achieve the goals agreed at this Ministerial meeting.

The members of the Working Group are:

  • Representatives of the Arctic science funding programmes of the governments which participate in the Arctic Science Ministerials
  • Representatives of the six Arctic Indigenous Peoples Organisations which participate in the Arctic Science Ministerials
  • Representatives of the International Arctic Science Committee

Following three teleconferences of the WG held over the year 2019 and a workshop - hosted by the Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture in Reykjavik on 11th October 2019 – the WG has produced a set of written recommendations for the possible implementation of the Funders Forum.

The recommendations are shared here, were discussed at an online meeting as part of ASSW2020, and will be brought to the attention of the participants in the Second and Third Arctic Science Ministerial meetings. It is recommended that the Forum should at first aim at facilitating a "soft" coordination of information-sharing and relationship-building. Secondly, it could develop into a gateway for information about national and international calls for Arctic research projects. Specific topics could include:

  • Sharing of information about funding opportunities
  • Coordination of existing funding and future actions
  • Engagement of Arctic residents and and Indigenous Peoples
  • Involvement of private funders, once mature
  • Configuration of the Forum and interactions with existing bodies