• Paul Zieger, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Alek Petty, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / University of Maryland, USA
  • Allison Fong, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany
  • Justiina Dahl, European University Institute, Italy
  • Scott Zolkos, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Yulia Zaika, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia

Alek Petty Alek Petty Postdoctoral researcher
Arctic and Antarctic sea ice variability
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / University of Maryland, USA

I’m currently a postdoc at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of Maryland - specializing in Arctic and Antarctic sea ice variability. I completed my PhD on the sea ice and ocean surrounding Antarctica at the Center for Polar Observation & Modelling, University College London, in January 2014.

I am principally interested in polar sea ice; the physics governing its mean state, the factors contributing to its spatial and temporal variability, and its coupling with the atmosphere and ocean. The transfer of heat, salt, water and momentum through sea ice is a key theme throughout much of my work. I utilize sea ice models (of varying complexity) and sea ice observations (in-situ, airborne and satellite) to increase our understanding of these fundamental concepts. I am increasingly interested in sea ice prediction, and recently joined the Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN), Sea Ice Outlook Action Team.


List of publications


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